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The actual tales associated with military spouses whom waited while their males had been at war

TOM BOARDMAN took the uncommon gold ring, featuring a two-headed serpent with ruby eyes, off their little finger, scooped out of the centre for the detergent club and buried it ins >

Renee and Tom were divided whenever Tom became a POW in the tactile hands of this Japanese in 1942

He knew that as a prisoner of war, captured along with increased than 60,000 Allied troops by the Japanese intrusion of Singapore in February 1942, the camp guards would take any valuables.

But also for Tom the jewelry had been unique: he and his sweetheart Renee had swapped engagement bands times before he joined up with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

Despite employed in the sweltering heat and forced into servant labour building the notorious Thailand-Burma railway – or even the Death Railway he was in captivity as it became known because of the huge number of British soldiers who died in horrendous conditions – Tom never used the soap for the three and a half years. (more…)