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Mail Purchase Wife Actors: Jose Canseco, Charles Debold, Krista Gall, Luke Geissbuhler, John GramagliaDirector: Huck BotkoGenres: Comedy

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UR 2009 1hr 28min

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PG-13 2010 1hr 53min

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“This film is a vintage exemplory case of exactly how an excellent film just isn’t produced by celebrity energy or cgi results, but by a great premise and execution that is splendid.

_Mail purchase Wife_ is a film about Andrew, a new and filmmaker that is arrogant whom chooses he’d want to create a documentary about Adrian, an NYC boy that has made a decision to purchase himself a mail purchase bride. a instant issue is presented whenever Andrew helps buy Lichi, the Burmese girl, and introduces a vintage dilemma about moviemaking also addressed in great movies like _Man Bits Dog_–Andrew has already been showing signs and symptoms to getting a part of their subject matter a tad too subjectively. That is strengthened after Lichi comes and Adrian actually is not as than a great spouse, and Andrew chooses he needs to save this girl from a situation that is awful. (more…)